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Mike Dyer Bass Cover - “Because of the Shame” by Against Me!

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I’m covering as many Against Me! songs as I can on bass. Please watch & share!!

This is the best live Against Me! footage I’ve ever seen!! Full hour-long set in amazing video and audio quality. New and old songs.

I recently decided to learn the bass parts for all the Against Me! songs they play live.  Here are the songs from the “Reinventing era” that I covered.  I’d love for someone in the band to see this so any sharing would be greatly appreciated!

Boston Bass Lessons from a Berklee Pro!

Go here for some info on how to take bass lessons from a Berklee pro bass teacher!

Boston Bass and Guitar Lessons

My favorite song, by my favorite band, Against Me!

This is an electric bass lesson for beginners on how to play the major scale across the entire fret board.  I teach bass lessons in the Boston area, but can also give skype lessons.  Go to http://www.mikedyermusic.com and go to the lessons page for information!

I recently did an interview on my website www.mikedyermusic.com with the band Ludo from my hometown Ludo.  It was great getting the chance to speak with these guys and ask them all the questions I’ve wanted to ask them.

I’m a Berklee College of Music student that plays and teaches bass in the Boston, Massachusetts area and my website mikedyermusic.com is just a space for me to promote what I do and post content that will hopefully be beneficial to everyone who visits my site!

-Mike Dyer

Boston, MA bass lessons from Berklee electric bassist!